Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach

In a way, I have always been a sex coach.

I have always been the one my friends and family sought out with questions or just to talk about sex. And now I know why. I create a safe space for people to share deep secrets and desires without judgment, helping them let go of their own shame, judgment and self-criticism. I am open, honest and easy to talk to. And I’m really good at keeping a secret!

Endlessly curious, I am a life long learner - new experiences and knowledge are my lifeblood and the sharing of it brings nothing but joy. I began this journey largely to find language to describe my own desires, and what I keep finding behind each door is new insight…and another series of doors. Sexuality is so very vast and infinitely deep. There is so much to discover!

I began Resonate Bliss share this knowledge beyond my inner circle, to guide others to embrace and own their unique sexual truth. I have helped people all over the world shift towards a richer, happier, more fulfilled and orgasmic life.

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