What is Authentic Sexuality?

Authentic Sexuality is who we each are at our core, our truest desires, that which makes each of us uniquely us, our essence, if you will, without any of the shame, judgment, trauma and guilt put upon us by the outside world. Sexuality conditioning begins at birth with the pronouncement of gender. We have been subjected to it for so long, most of us don’t even realize it is happening or that it may not be in alignment with our true self. Some of it was malicious, but most was done with the best of intentions. And it still happened.

If you were able to strip away all of the conditioning from family, society, and religion, who would you be as a sexual being?

What would your life be like if you embodied your true sexuality?

Do you want to find out??



  • I want a more fulfilling sex life

  • The spark is gone

  • I have difficulty with orgasm

  • I want a stronger connection to my body

  • I want to let go of shame

  • We (I) are (am) curious about trying new things

  • I want to want sex, I just don't

  • I want a deeper connection with my partner

  • Feeling that there just should be more

  • I want to be a better lover

  • We are not on the same page

  • I want to last longer

  • I want to move beyond past trauma

  • Everything feels muted



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